Whilst you’re away

Accommodation – We’ve got places to sleep from homestays to diving bells, so you’ll always find somewhere to leave your bags.

Tour guides – Join with a new group of friends or get a bespoke tour just for you. We’ve contacts all over the world who can meet your needs exactly.

Day trips – Tour Paris by 2CV, or get off the beaten track in Iceland with a Monster Truck

Learn something new – Take a cookery course in Thailand or build a yurt in Kyrgyzstan

[pullquote right]Tubing is floating down a river whilst friendly people on the shore feed you drinks all day.[/pullquote]

Experience something different – Go tubing in Laos or bungee at Victoria Falls.

Take in a show – Enjoy an opera in Tbilisi or a goat polo in remote Kyrgyzstan.

Restaurant Reservations – We’ll book you into the best restaurants or at least provide advice on the best street snacks in town.

Side Trips – If you fancy a day trip to Uruguay from Buenos Aires, or crossing into Myanmar, we can tell you how.

Keeping in touch – From how to buy a stamp to free internet video calling, we can explain it all with simple instructions.

Stay safe – Advice on country do’s and don’ts, including areas to avoid and customs to be aware of.

Note: Most of the above can be planned in advance to ensure your reservation, or on the fly as your plans evolve, but in some countries this just isn’t possible so we’ll give you advice on what’s on offer and where best to buy your own tickets.