Before you leave

Passports – Remember they can take up to 6 weeks to process, especially if it’s your first passport, so we can help you avoid any pitfalls along the way. If you’re doing a lot of travelling we’d suggest spending a little extra and getting a 48 page passport.

Visas – Do you need a visa for your destination? We offer advice on what you need for an application and what you can collect on arrival at your destination, plus a visa collection service so you don’t need to travel to your nearest Embassy.

Vaccinations – avoid nasty bugs and stay well throughout your trip

Passport Photos – Advice on the exact photograph requirements of any country and how to save on expensive photo booth fees.

Language Lessons – We always try and learn a few words before we go away, even if it’s just Hello and Thank you. We can provide links to simple cheat sheets, advanced computer based training, classroom lessons, personal tutors or in some countries even a phone number for 24 hour live translation along the way.

Transport Booking – We can get you to your destination economically or in luxury, from passage on a cargo ship to your own private jet.

Accommodation Booking – We have all sorts of places to stay, from a hostel to a 5 star tree house under the stars.
[pullquote right]We’ve found out to our cost which countries barely use credit cards and haven’t even heard of Travellers Cheques, so you don’t have to.[/pullquote]
Foreign Currency Exchange – Where to get the best rates and how to carry your money safely.

Packing Advice – Advice from our partner site on the most appropriate luggage for your trip and any little gadgets we wish we’d taken, as well as the best travel guide books and smartphone apps for your destination.

Airport Hotels and Transfers – Eliminate stress and start your holiday as soon as you leave the house.

Feel free to ask if there’s anything else you need, and be sure to read through our ‘Whilst you’re away’ page as well as ‘When you come home’ for even more ideas.