What we offer

We can offer the usual advice on where to go, how to get there and where best to stay, but with our depth of knowledge and wide ranging network of contacts all over the world can suggest the best of local attractions and new experiences tailored to your interests.

Some suggestions:

  • Architecture in Azerbaijan
  • Culinary adventures in California
  • Historical Sites in Honduras
  • Kayaking in Kyrgyzstan
  • Shooting in Sierra Leone
  • Tango in Tonga
  • Volunteering in Vietnam
  • Zorbing in Zambia

See the next pages to find how we can also support you before, during and after your travels.

P.S. Here’s a list of all 193 sovereign states, if anyone wants to suggest any more in the comments below?

Please remember we’re a family site – rude suggestions will be kept for our amusement only

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