Round the World travel gear

This is our list of travel gear useful for long term trips in remote areas on a controlled budget. If you’re on a business trip or having a relaxing holiday, then you can get away with taking far less and simply buying it at your destination. This will help support the local economy and can be a fun adventure in itself.

Round the World travel gear is a post from: DIY Bespoke Trips

Free Language Courses Online

If you’re travelling abroad you’ll get so much more out of the trip and the people you meet if you learn a few simple phrases. English is still the common language in many countries, but opening a conversation in someone’s native tongue will warm them to you straight away!

How to apply for the correct visa

A visa allows a foreign citizen to visit a country for a limited period of time, usually 30 days or 6 months. They are often just stamps in your passport but can also be quite beautiful full page stickers, so it’s vital to ensure you have adequate space in your passport for longer trips where multiple visas may be required.

How to Plan Travel Insurance

Our next monthly feature focuses on the important, but sometimes confusing topic of travel insurance. This simple checklist should help you decide which the best policy is for your trip, so you can relax knowing you’re suitably insured and get on with making the most of your holiday.

ATOL Reform

We have mentioned ATOL in a few of our previous posts relating to cancelled flights and holidays – but we’ve had some feedback from people asking what ATOL actually is! We’ve pulled together some information about ATOL below which should help you understand your rights on cancelled flights and holidays and where it can help …

Top 5 essential items for a city break

Once you have booked your city break it is time to start thinking what you should pack! Most of us who go on city breaks tend to go for a long weekend – this means you won’t have to pack that many things. Image: healingdream /

The ABCD of Avoiding Malaria

Actor George Clooney recently contracted malaria on a charity trip to Sudan, where he is a frequent visitor to raise awareness of the conflict in Darfur. Proving that no matter how you travel you’re equally susceptible to malaria it’s a good time to remind ourselves how to avoid this potentially lethal disease.

Kiva Microfinance Update

As promised, we’re giving back to the communities you’re visiting, so thanks to you we’ve just made our 70th loan. This time we’re supporting a grocery store in the Philippines, a taxi company in Kyrgyzstan and a market stall in Uganda.

Help – the country I’m visiting is in civil unrest!

The recent events in Tunisia have let to travel companies bringing home their clients who were enjoying a holiday there at the time. The British Foreign Office have now advised that people do not travel to the country unless it’s absolutely necessary. This has lead us to think about what you should do if you …